About Prompt Automatic Milk Collection System

Prompt AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection System) is a modern, digital solution to the age-old problems faced by the dairy industry in India. It is an initiative by Prompt Group to empower the milk producers in India by developing innovative, technologically advanced milk software that gives them the right value of their milk. The milk collection software is a big step toward improving the sustainability, and reveal opportunities for consistent growth of the dairy industry here. Prompt AMCS automates the traditional milk collection process while it performs operations like milk quality testing and analysis, and is installed at Village Cooperative Societies.

Biggest IT Integration In The History Of Dairy Industry
A Step Towards Building Cashless & Organized Societies
Common Digital Platform For Farmers and Milk Unions
Maiden And Modern Mobile Applications For Farmers
Transparency between Farmers and Milk Societies
Cashless Payments through Direct Link with Bank
Easy, Reliable and Efficient Data Management
Increased and Quick Milk Collection in Less Time

Benefits That Empower

dairy farmer


  • Transparency and Access to own data
  • Connecting to Technology
  • Universal Platform to Learn and Share
  • Improve Productivity & Profitability
Village Dairy Cooperative Societies


  • Common Software & Accounting
  • Reduction in Maintenance cost
  • Data Integrity & Security
  • Single Platform for Information Sharing
milk unions

Milk Unions

  • Interact with Farmers
  • Predictive Analysis and BI
  • Connect all VDCS and their inventories
  • Detect & Eliminate Malpractices

Prompt AMCS & IoT

amul amcs & IOT
amul amcs & IOT
amul amcs & IOT
amul amcs & IOT
amul amcs & IOT
amul amcs & IOT
amul amcs & IOT
amul amcs & IOT

Products under Prompt AMCS Project

Prompt Automatic Milk Collection System

Automating the daily milk collection process is the first empowering step towards the whole rural milk revolution. The AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection System) still remains an important initial point on which the milk supply chain management maximizes the milk value, usages, and benefits.

Prompt AMCS Software is a unique blend of capturing, maintaining and analyzing the daily milk collection. The software’s main features include Detailed Milk Collection Reports, Accounting Functionalities, and maintain Cash Book on a daily basis.

Milk Union Portal

MU Portal is designed for Milk Unions who can keep a close watch on their respective milk collection units. MU Portal is a first of its kind analytic portal where you can check and review real-time milk collection activities.

Apart from analytical reports, it has a list of all their farmers and employees at one place. MU Portal has unique features to communicate with farmers and employees on real-time.

Milk Producer App

An initiative by Prompt, Milk Farmers can check their daily milk data on a click. Farmers App is a FREE application for all Milk farmers available on Android.

Farmer App is a modern and digital solution specially developed for farmers to let them manage their dairy business. The app displays Milk Fat & SNF, milk quantity, passbook details, a summary of bank transactions, and analytics & reports among others.


An initiative by Prompt, VDCS can check their daily society’s milk data on a click. VDCS App is a FREE application for all societies’ level employees available on Android.

The application shows live milk collection based on shift and animal type. VDCS can generate various types of reports like purchase summary, milk edit register based on date and shift. The app also shows farmer list of the VDCS and segregates who have not submitted milk.

MU App

Adopted by Prompt to manage the transparency between Societies and Milk Farmers. MU App is a FREE application for all Milk unions available on Android.

The app closely manages milk collection units and farmers’ daily activities. It categorizes farmers’ data to show where milk is being collected. All the milk collection data of Milk Union is stored securely in one place with a timely reminder to pay attention to each farmer.


A discovery by Prompt, milk farmers can check their daily milk data on Kiosk at societies. The kiosk is designed, developed and maintained by Prompt Group for those who cannot afford smartphones. They can visit the Mandli and check their daily/monthly/yearly data of milk collection using their phone number and OTP.

Statistics So far

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Champaben From Pardi

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Meetaben from Pipaliya

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"India's Place In The Sun Would Come From The Partnership Between Wisdom Of It's Rural People And Skill Of It's Professionals."
- Dr. Verghese Kurien

About Prompt Group

We are a handful bunch of prolific minds who dare to dream and unravel the toughest roads to accomplish what we believe.

The company strengthened its foothold in the industry by manufacturing electronic weighing scales, revolutionary electronic equipment for dairy sector & integrated software for rural applications.Prompt Group also owns a dedicated research and development company under its wing.

The journey would have been impossible without the Prompt team. With its tremendous support and diligent efforts at each step, the collaboration achieved milestones successively. Automatic Milk Collection System has been garnering an overwhelming response from our customers all over Gujarat. We are delighted with such feedback and wish to keep take up more endeavors for the betterment of farmers.

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